Project Island

Capstone Game Project

Project Summary

What Went Well

  • Consistent HUD design elements throughout.
  • Re-use of HUD assets throughout multiple flash files
  • Implementing team suggested design decisions when applicable
  • Learning Scaleform-Flash interaction basics

What Went Wrong

  • Last minute UI Design Changes
  • Some minor HUD glitches
  • Needed more polish time to make the HUD "feel" clean.

What I Learned

  • Consistency is king!
  • Build UI elements to be easily moddable in a sense of placement to allow for iteration.
  • Use vector graphics for any dynamic UI element, and raster for anything set in stone.

Project Island is a student game project developed at SMU: The Guildhall. The small team was composed of about 15 people working on art, level design, programming, and production. The project was a single-player RTS style survival game build in UDK. It was released on IndieDB April 30, 2014. My responsibilities on the project manly revolved around User Interface Art Creation, UI Design, and Flash-side implementation.