Team Game Project 1

Project Summary

What Went Well

  • Pixel art style emulation and choice
  • Creating a color palette before diving into art creation
  • Creating multiple tiling elements to break up repetition
  • Baking and compiling the textures together onto a single sheet

What Went Wrong

  • Improper tracking of personal hours spent on project; times listed were far less than actuals
  • Didn't coordinate well enough between disciplines on specific features to work on.
  • Overscoped myself and thought I could create and animate a lot more assets than I could.

What I Learned

  • Automating sprite sheet creation from individual frames in Photoshop.
  • Use of GraphicsGale effectively in pixel art style creation
  • Working in a limited color palette to define a lighting type and style

Purgamentum was a student game project developed at SMU: The Guildhall. It was a 2D platformer built around the use of a grappling hook using The team was composed of 5 people: three level designers, a programmer, and an artist. The project was a 2D sidescroller platformer built in the school's proprietary engine, GuildEd. My responsibilities on the team included creation of all game art assets, creating preproduction concept art, setting up images for flipbook animation, creating the game's color palette, creating marketing materials such as the poster and DVD Game Cover, and creating art for UI assets.