Personal Project

High Poly Only

Project Summary

What Went Well

  • Kept important aspects of the character such as large backpack, white hair, and adventure type style.
  • Separated out sculpts into multiple zTools
  • Using curves for creating rope.
  • Lots of base assets created that can be re-used in other future projects

What Went Wrong

  • Difficult to export the file because of sculpt resolution.
  • Went overboard trying to learn curves; Ended up causing some waviness.
  • Some of the gold appliques could've been modeled in 3DS Max and applied, instead of being completely done in zBrush.

What I Learned

  • File size reduction in zBrush
  • Basic BPR Rendering in zBrush
  • Next sculpt, focus on Reprojection/Retopo features