Student Project

The Energy Knife was a project based on Pavel Savchuk's knife concepts. High poly, low poly, and texturing took about 4 days in terms of full-time production hours. It uses a PBR-based workflow and is made up of a little less than 4,000 triangles. Rendered in Marmoset 2 Toolbag. Baked using xNormal tangent space.

Based on concept art by Pavel Savchuk. His deviantArt can be found here , and the particular piece used can be found by clicking here.

Project Summary

What Went Well

  • Baking
  • Defining main materials (albedo, gloss/roughness/metalness) prior to actually creating the textures
  • Learning how to use the Scatter functionality in 3DSMax

What Went Wrong

  • Took a little bit longer to unwrap than expected
  • Some edges could have used more geo to make them rounder
  • Had trouble understanding some key areas of the concept due to contrast and resolution.

What I Learned

  • How to use Scattering in 3DSMax
  • Working on material seperation prior to texture work saves basic texture tweaking time.
  • Use Select and Link to attach high poly to low poly assets to make exploded baking easier.