Team Game Project 2

Project Summary

What Went Well

  • Team Dynamics
  • Synced feature implementation between level designers, artists, and programmers
  • Hitting asset-lock deadlines
  • Creating modular, re-usable art assets

What Went Wrong

  • Lightmaps and figuring out their issues took away a lot of time
  • Textures could've been refined further to allow for more value variation, not just saturation
  • Could've made more use of normal and specular maps

What I Learned

  • Important numerical values, such as maximum step-height, should be well-documented and used as a standard
  • Creating master materials allows for a large amount of flexibility in asset implementation
  • Exporting whitebox assets from UDK for their measurements from Level Designers creates a creative, organic workflow

Skyscrappers was a student game project developed at SMU: The Guildhall. The team was composed of 7 people: two level designers, two programmers, and two artists, and a producer. The project was a 4v4 multiplayer FPS game built around Super Smash Brothers style mechanics using UDK. The development time for this project, from preproduction to final build was three months long and built in UDK (UE3). The goal was the create an art style that fit one of the core pillars of knock-back damage within the game, and allow for some tactical communication between people when referencing control points and buildings. My responsibilities on Team GigaPunch as an Art Lead included defining the art style of the game, creating preproduction concept art, maintaining naming conventions, creating art backlogs, creating an art design document to communicate artistic vision of the game, and creating environment and character assets to be used in the game.